Congratulations, Cityblock Health!

By Ambar Bhattacharyya

We would like to congratulate the team at Cityblock Health, who has just recently announced a $192 million Series C funding. We’re proud of all the hard work the team has continually put in, helping the much-needed communities access quality and affordable care.

COVID-19 has dramatically heightened the need for comprehensive health care and Cityblock has quickly stepped up to the plate to meet people where they are needed the most. By partnering with community-based organizations and health plans to deliver medical care, behavioral health, and social services, Cityblock has transformed the lives of over 70,000 members it currently serves. Since its launch four years ago, we are excited to see all the tremendous growth and opportunities the team has seized to date.

Congratulations again to the Cityblock team on their new funding that will help accelerate the deployment of its community and value-based care model nationwide. We are honored to have been a partner since day one.

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