Congratulations, D-ID: Protecting our privacy and our identities

By Matthew Kinsella

It has never been easier to mass surveil and identify people. We willingly upload our photos to social media and walk around our neighborhoods filled with security cameras, not realizing that our biometric data are being captured, stored, and potentially misused by bad actors. But there are some anonymization solutions that can protect our personal identifiable information (PII) and shield us from breaches of our privacy and security.

That’s why we’re proud to continue to support D-ID, a facial anonymization solution to protect biometric data, in their $13 million Series A raise. To safeguard individuals and industries from mass surveillance, D-ID’s proprietary software removes biometric data from pictures, so even the most powerful facial recognition technologies cannot collect this data while remaining seemingly unchanged to the human eye. And in the world of videos, D-ID’s software can anonymize faces while preserving key attributes like age, gender, and emotion, to enable video analytics without compromising privacy.

Congratulations to Gil, Sella, Eliran, and the rest of the team at D-ID. The world needs a product like D-ID and we’re really proud to be partners with you.

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