By Prateesh Maheshwari

We’re thrilled to announce our newest investment in KUDO, a cloud-based video conferencing platform with real-time multilingual interpretation.

As the pandemic has made video conferencing ubiquitous, KUDO’s platform has emerged as a key tool for multilingual online meetings and a vital resource for international organizations, governments, and global companies. Demand for KUDO’s services has grown exponentially in the past year, and we’re excited to see the company continue to expand its presence at the forefront of the changing future of work. Beyond the pandemic, we see KUDO continuing to grow as businesses shift to prioritize collaboration and inclusivity.

KUDO’s real-time interpretation service now includes features designed specifically for hybrid meetings, where both remote and in-person attendees can select the language they wish to follow. As we learn more about what the future of work looks like, we’re confident KUDO will prove vital for distributed teams and meetings of all kinds.

Congratulations to the KUDO team! We’re excited to be part of your journey.

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